"Early music education is an effective means of the development of the mental and intellectual sphere." - University of Central Florida, Debby Mitchell

RECEPTION MUSIC ATELIER gives children the possibility to develop their musical and motor skills in a natural and entertaining way. This course differs from the Nursery Music Ateliers with a wider scope of study, more challenging assignments and, most importantly, it includes the study of music theory. Children play various musical games, try to perform musical stories, play Orff instruments and get acquainted with the main music instruments. Children also cooperate in a more coordinated way within a group, they learn about different ways of perception from one another, and hence develop their social intelligence. Ateliers are taught by specially trained teachers in a friendly and lively atmosphere.



Developing the sense of rhythm

  • Expressing rhythm and pace through body movement
  • Rhythmical games and competitions
  • Short rhythmical rhymes

Developing the sense of melody

  • Following melody by arm movements
  • Distinguishing different pitch

Developing the sense of harmony

  • Distinguishing the number of tones in a chord and their hight
  • Recognizing major and minor
  • Harmony as expression of colours and feelings in

Singing, dance, drama

  • Creating short sketches based on popular and classical pieces
  • Creating simple musical - dramatical performances

Introduction to music theory

  • Musical quizzes (notes – treble and bass clef, note values, rests)

Orff instruments

  • Accompaniment of songs on Orff instruments
  • Accompaniment of musical - dramatical performances

Getting acquainted with musical instruments


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