Music theory is a subject in which students learn the basics of music theory, music history and they develop intonation and rhythm. Here they put their practical musical experience with theoretical knowledge in context. Thanks to a good knowledge of music theory, students can continue to learn to play instruments faster, they learn new compositions quicker and with deeper understanding, and they master improvisational techniques more easily.

online tutoring

ISMFA teachers have created an innovative online music education system that allows students to save time on commuting to school. In addition to the basics of music theory, students will learn to work with freely available notation programs. This skill will allow them to write and create their own compositions and to use new modern technologies in the study of music. The ABRSM - MUSIC THEORY curriculum serves as a framework of this course. The online music theory is intended for children from 7 years of age and is also suitable for adult students.

If you are interested in learning music theory online, contact Andrea Vlachová at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


once a week 30minutes lesson; suitable for students and children from 7 years

  GROUP: 4 students GROUP: 3 students GROUP: 2 students
1 semester fee (15 lessons) 1950 CZK/1 student
(130 CZK/1 lesson)
2400 CZK/1 student
(160 CZK/1 lesson)
3150 CZK/1 student
(210 CZK/1 lesson)